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Pain In Pregnancy.
Typically during pregnancy women can feel many aches and pains but what are normal and what should be of concern. When do you know when to accept and get on with it and when to speak with your doctor.

Well here are 3 common and specific types of pain which is normal for pregnant women to feel. That does not mean don't worry about it based on what I share here, remember when in doubt get checked out!


1. Lower back pain. The first is lower back pain. When you are pregnant your bump starts to protrude forward and this shifts your centre of gravity backwards and your back takes the brunt of the weight. Remember! the effectiveness of your abdominal muscles will be significantly reduced as the bump gets bigger. Be aware however that, lower back pain can also be a symptom of the start of contractions so if you are not yet due and still you experience the following:

Lower back pain
Pain in your thighs
Leaking of fluid
Increase in any discharge

Then you might be in pre-term labour so thats when you should go get checked out!

2. Round Ligament Pain. This is another type of pain, the uterus (womb) is not floating freely but is anchored to and supported by, ligaments. The round ligament is roughly in line with your belly button and attaches / anchors the Uterus to the pubic bone. So if you feel pain on either side which seems to run down to the groin area then it could well be, 'Round ligament pain'. This can be a dull longer term ache but typically it is sharp and comes on suddenly especially with movement such as standing up or sitting down.

3. Pubic Pain. Pain in the pubic or indeed pelvic area, is the third type of pain to mention. In pregnancy your body releases a hormone (chemical messenger) called 'Relaxin'. As the name suggests, this hormone relaxes the pelvic joint in order to increase the internal diameter of your pelvic area so that the during childbirth the baby can fit through and be born vaginally as opposed to C-Section. So this stretching / relaxing of the pelvic joint area is normal though can be painful so try to think its for a good reason. Dorris Wedding 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach

Be aware however that some women experience a condition called 'Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction', where abnormally wider separation occurs. If you are concerned you should seek advice from your doctor.

There are other pain referral areas but we will look at these later.

Remember when in doubt ....Get checked out!!!

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