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"A lot of black people are scared of a President Trump. Why? I suspect it's because they erroneously think they are full and free citizens of the United States. I say they erroneously think this because, even a cursory glance of our history in this country from its inception up to at least the moment you finish this blog, is chock full of counter examples to our supposed freedom. Slavery. Jim Crow. Mass incarceration. Police brutality. You have never been truly free. Not yet. And so, the strong reaction I see against Trump from black people suggests to me that you all think you matter in a way you cannot possibly justify."--Black Yoda, Nov 14th, 2016

The reason why I didn't vote in the 2016 election is because I honestly didn't give a shit which one got into office. I say that because my perspective isn't that of an American or even a Black American, but as a Black person in America. If Hillary won, the country would still be marching towards a full economic collapse and black people would be on their own surrounded by enemies. They wouldn't be painting Hillary as a racist crackpot (although she is). Instead, the media might be filled with stories about Russian meddling in U.S. affairs. There would be more footage of Putin looking extra gay riding horses with his shirt off hitting the airwaves daily. With Trump in, you get to paint him as a racist crackpot (he is). He hasn't been framed as Putin's arch enemy long enough for it to sound credible. China is too complicated to do sabre-rattling with. So they go with North Korea...the country that switches to candle light after sunset. Apparently, they are the major threat now. Fuck! They may hit Guam...wherever the fuck that is.... with a missile because, you know... It makes far more sense that Kim *stomach pain grunts* is targeting Guam for the strategic benefits than he is playing along in a game where he knows he's being used as a pawn. Is that pretty much what we're going with here? And while this is going on, we're still heading for a full-fledged economic collapse where we will continue to be on our own and surrounded by enemies. Dorris Wedding lace fabric wedding outfits with long sleeves

The only benefit to a Trump victory, which I wrote about last year, is that black people would find it harder to pretend because Trump isn't nearly as good a liar as his predecessor and Clinton. He lies as often as they do, but he isn't nearly as polished at it. Furthermore, we get to see his most ardent supporters for who they really are. We get to see that there's a lot of them and even more still who support them even if they don't dress ridiculously for the cameras. Did you notice the police not cracking skills despite white people physically assaulting them and walking around armed? Your black skin is a greater perceived threat to them than all the white boys in their body armor and AR-15's. Trust and believe these white people would still be there even if Hillary won. And know when I say black people are on their own and surrounded by enemies, I'm talking about motherfuckers just like the ones you see on TV in VA with their Tiki torches and shields. Do you get my point about the only benefit of a Trump Presidency now? It's a little harder to pretend right about now, huh? If Clinton got in, you would all be sucking her dick-sized clit and pretending these Neo-Nazis are just misguided patriots and rebels.

Trump Card Forever is never as long as you think. My class asked me who I was voting for last week. Here's what I said, "I'm