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Dorris Wedding wedding pieces with detachable skirt

(1) When a guy open a car door for a girl, is either the girl is new or the car is new.
(2) A guy asked u for sex and u asked, "Do u Love me?".
What do u expect him to say, or Are U a
(3) Half naked girls are hot,while well dressed girls are beautiful. Hell is hot, while heaven is beautiful. the choice is
(4)You have been engaged to him for 4 years and no wedding is forth coming. Please kindly remove the ring. Is your finger a key holder?
(5)You have slept with over 10 girls without
protection yet you go to the barbers shop with your personal clipper. What are you preventing?
(6) Guys always know who their heart belongs to, so if you like cook chicken in diamond sauce or do monkey
style in bed, if it's not you, it can't b u.
(7) In America wen a couple go to bed dey say "Good nights my love" In Britain "Sweet dreams darling" In Nigeria "Did u
lock d Gate, doors & windows?
(8) You cannot say "I can't date you, I have a boyfriend" and be asking for money from him. Gt-bank staff cannot receive
salary from UBA bank!
(9) My name is A'square, I used my friend to set up my girlfriend to see if she'll cheat on me. Now they've sent me weeding Invitation. What AM I? Dorris Wedding wedding pieces with detachable skirt
(A) Learner
(B)God sent
(C) Fool
(10) No Guy will ever tell a Lady "i ve a Girlfriend" when asking her out. Their National Anthem is "we had issues &
we've broken up".
(11) Welcome to Nigeria where the government is responsible and blamed for every damn things. if mosquito
bite you, you will blame the government.
(12) No guy is single,you either snatch him from someone or share him with someone, the most important thing is to be the highest Shareholder.
(13) I woke up today,someone somewhere just took their last breath. Thank You God for blessing me more than I deserve
(14) 35yr old first class graduate without job and u dey follow Lil'Wayne sing 'I Ain't Got no worries, your life is on SOS
(15) Idiot girl said: "I dated him for GOOD 10 years and he broke my heart" fool, what's GOOD in the years?
(16)(a) Sex won't make him love u
(b) A baby won't make him stay. If you're
doubting me, kindly ask TUFACE
(17) No matter how nice you are to a goat, it will still eat your yam.
18) You make his 'Dick' hard, u carry him enter room, he don off shirt, then u shout April Fool... My sister, he will RAPE ur Destiny!
(19)What shall it profit a girl to have all the
Brazilian hair in the whole world and still lose her boyfriend to a girl on low a
(20) Kill an American citizen and 1 million
policemen will be deployed to search for u but kill 1 million Nigerians U will be
invited for amnesty
(21)Don't act like you have it all, even rich men beg for pen in the bank.
(22) No matter how big ur house is,How recent your car is,or how huge ur bank account is, Our grave is still gonna
be the same size, stay humble.
(23)No Matter How Pretty Or Cute your Face Might Be,you Will Still Be the Food For Worms. Set your Arrogance Aside
and Remember 6 Feet. No one lives for Ever..