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DorrisWedding cocktail wears in navy blue

Thank you, DIRECTV for sending an installer to my home for 8AM service. I have never had someone show up at the beginning of my service window. Your technician's promptness should be applauded.

Unfortunately, we did not order your service. Your technician was very insistent that he had the right address despite my equal assurances that while that was our address, this service call wasn't us. However, when he took a phone call and walked down my stoop without an apology to pack up his van, my blurry sleep deprived eyes may have started to twitch. It's a rare day that my toddler sleeps past 6AM. My two dogs, in their zeal to alert me of your technicians presence, put a halt to my sacred solo morning coffee. If you do not have children, you may simply not know how it feels to have a morning coffee alone in the quiet of your house (a very thing you may have hilariously took for granted only years before). It's like living in a house that is managed by a small adorable overlord but you're the only one allowed to drink the coffee. It is only your special reward. And today, you ruined it. DorrisWedding cocktail wears in navy blue

So, thank you, DIRECTV, for basically cementing my now life long hatred of your company and the hope that I am never forced to use you based on a locational monopoly.