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DorrisWedding over size garment for bridesmaid in modest style

Here is Minty's story that I said I would post finally. She was a street cat in the Dorchester/Boston/West Roxbury area(Massachusetts). They don't know how long she was on the street but long enough to get a little scared of people. Her rescuers best guess is that she had some human contact early on in her life because she was kind of socialized(that comes in to play later). BUT then was dumped or left or forgotten at some point late 2014 early 2015. While Minty was living on the street a volunteer for Boston's Forgotten Felines(who fed feral cats) in the area noticed her. He fed her for quite awhile until he got sick with cancer and his friend who was the founder and owner of Boston's Forgotten Felines took over. She and her volunteers started taking over feeding Minty around October 2015. Then in January 2016 when Fred died they fully took over. In February or March of 2016 they noticed she was getting rounder and it wasn't from the food. She wasn't fixed so she gotten pregnant. Well she had her kitten's under a gay couples porch. Animal rescue league tried to catch Minty along with her kitten's but couldn't catch her. So they took the kittens and left her. They thought she was feral(which was B***S***) every time they tried to approach her she would hiss and run away. Well finally Joni the founder and owner of BFF trapped her and Minty was in a cage in her garage for awhile. While under Joni's care Minty got spayed and her vaccines. She stayed caged in Joni's garage until a friend of mine told me about her. She knew I loved cats and had cat sat for my parents here and there for their cat (who is now with Clark Kent, Superkitty). She asked me if I would be willing to just foster her. I said I guess I would. I was hesitant because I had never had a cat of my own. I wasn't sure I would like it or honestly if I could deal with the responsibility. She said no pressure to keep her just give her a roof over her head until we find her a home. Well long story short on May 31st she came to my apartment to JUST BE FOSTERED! Well it took a week and some how this little munchkin had melted me. Exactly a week from when she came in my door I made her final stop my apartment. DorrisWedding over size garment for bridesmaid in modest style