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DorrisWedding plus sleeved prom party wears for full figure ladies

**Y'all excuse me a minute, but something needs to be said that pertains to a certain few***
I've said this numerous times and I am going to say it for the VERY LAST time
1. If you walk out on your family for a 20 something year old whore
2. If you only come around or try to contact anyone when you need something
3. If you miss birthdays, Christmas, Proms, Graduations, or other important days
4. If you don't pay a penny to help support kids
5. If you don't attempt to call or text for years
6. If all your money goes to support a skank ass and her kids
No if's, and's, or but's!!!
Why don't you take some of that money you're spending to support your "girlfriend" and her kids and pay for a divorce! It's been 5 years! All my money goes to making sure the kids have lights, water, food, clothes, school supplies, and let's not get started on dual enrollment, tuition, books, student council fees, prom dresses, pictures, make up & hair (for those pictures), etc. I am fed up with your dead ass running around like you're a man! You ain't nothing but a sorry ass punk with no clue how to be a man! If your family is stalking my page to keep you updated then they can go too. I am done! I am over your childish crap! I tolerated your crap for far too many years! Believe me when I say life is good and you aren't going to be allowed to come in and cause chaos because that's all that follows you. DorrisWedding plus sleeved prom party wears for full figure ladies