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adorable bridesmaid items for teenagers

Touching story.
My name is Rosemary, I am 19years old. It was two years ago,
when i was in my ss3, I do love to talk to guys a lot because I
love guys so much. To the extent I can even go to their house
and play so romantic play with any of the guys I love.
One day, I notice that my mates weren't giving me lots of money
I desire, because I lost my dad that same year.
Things were hard for me and my mother.
Every morning, before I go to school, my mom will always
remind me that I a child and prophetess of God, I should keep
my body holy. I was like, yes oo I will not get any boyfriend, I
One day at school, I saw this my friend and told him to give me
some money to buy what I will eat, he then said only on one
condition. I said what could that be? He said, I must come to his
house before three o clock today, so I said just that? He said
yeah just that.
I took that as just a normal visit, I never believed he had another
plans for me. When we got to his house, he started looking
straight to my eyes, he seems so scared to talk to me. I said,
now I am here, give me the money. He said yeah, just sit on the
bed and wait for me. I quickly jumped on the bed, while I press
my phone, I was hearing different sounds from his wardrobe. He
then brought out his head and said, I will soon join you just
wait. While I was waiting, he then looked at me and said, what
are you doing here? Who are you? I was like, heheheeh you
joking or what? He said, I am serious, you shouldn't be here
because this isn't the right place to be. After everything, I left the
place with anger because I didn't get the money again.
The next day in school, he called me and said, I am really sorry
for what happened, I didn' actually did that just that my mouth
was shaking and I didn't know what was coming out.
I said no problem, I still got the money from someone, thanks
Three weeks passed, I became something else, I decided to do
whatever elder people love to do. Went to party, drank lots of
alcohols and was used mercilessly by different gangs.
But by God grace I wasn't pregnant.
While all this last, my mom noticed my new character and
dragged me to go for check up, after the check up, the doctor
told us that my sugar level is high and also I do consume lots of
My mom shouted thats a lies, because it was a great shock to
her, due to this shock she got a stroke and was admitted into a
I cried bitterly and bitterly, till I went home. I couldn't stay at
home because I was all alone. I decided to go to hospital to
sleep with her but the nurse told me that my mom would like to
be alone for now.
However, I ran to church in the evening that day, and I really
begged for forgiveness, my cried was heard when my pastor
walked to me and told me that my sins have been forgiven, and
when you get home you will notice great signs.
I became very happy tht night till the church was dismissed. I
went home and prayed a short prayer and covered my mom with
the blood of jesus.
The next day, I went to the hospital, I pipped through the door
where a patient was sleeping. He was on oxygen, I majestically
walked in there and immediately, my mouth started shaking,
was speaking till the boy opened his eyes and looked at me. I
quickly called the doctor to come and check the boy. Behold, the
boy became healed, the oxygen was removed immediately.
While we were still surprise, we heard a cry of a baby that was
just delivered. The doctor said that the woman that just
delivered was admittted three days ago and had been having
delivery issues. While all this were happening, my mom walked
out and shouted thank you jesus, I am healed, I am healed.
I fell down and recalled that, my pastor said I will see great
signs after my repentance. Quickly the doctors and nurses knelt
down and asked me to declare on them.
After the declaration, the dept of my mom was paid by the
I don't know ho is reading this, but I want to tell you that after
repentance there comes salvation. I declare, no strange spirit
will take you away from the calling from God. Whatever you lay
your hands shall be fruitful, I declare, those who seek for
marriage and jobs shall get it, children shall not be a problem to
the barrens, admissions shall remember the students that seek
for it. Heavenly father, let all their heart desires come through
before this months runs out, in the mighty name of Jesus.
Type amen and share this post if you believe, God can chage
your story.. ".

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