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banquet gowns

I came across these pictures online.
the bride in the picture is poor, and couldn't afford her wedding gown. possibly the groom couldn't afford it also. whatever the circumstances that made them to arrive at the point of using mosquito net and sack bag as wedding attire, only buttress the point that too much emphasis is placed on weddings rather than marriage itself. banquet gowns
wedding is a day's affair. it doesn't last more than a couple of hours, then both the guests and the Host depart to their different homes.
in this situation, it's obvious the groom/bride can afford the basic traditional marital rites.
what's most important is finding a spouse, secondly, the Union being accepted by both families, and being able to fulfill the basic traditional requirements.
having to entertain friends and family is basic but not at a great expense.
wedding gowns and bridal trains and trailers are purely out of context.
they are done based on perspectives.
find love, understand each other, decide to continue loving and to live in love.
seek parental approval. pay dowry and fulfill what tradition/religion says and live happily ever after.
you must not do it because your friends did it.
weddings are ceremonies, marriages are till death do us part.