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Today I look UP to my LITTLE sister, Reesa Marie Coffey , more than I ever have. So proud of you, Shyreesa, and your relationship with Jesus. I can tell that you are truly a new creature in Christ and that is the MOST important. I love you so much and this video touched my heart; such a great word from God.

I come from the other side of the spectrum where I always tried to be "good" and do the "right" things and say the right things without actually focusing on my RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. I was trying to earn God's love and my way into heaven. I think we should get together and do a live where we talk about the sort of opposite journeys we had toward our relationships with God and how God's grace covers ALL THE KINDS OF SIN. black tie wedding guest dresses

I love you so much and am SO SO proud of you for putting this out there, Shyreesa!