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So, story time. Last night after Kimberly and Archie went to bed, Kitty, Rodney, and I were on the back patio. I was going to pour us each a glass of wine. I had seen a blueberry mead, it was local, and I thought, "Why not?" If it was too sickly sweet, we could pour it over ice cream or make some dessert with it. So we decided we'd break into this bottle. If you have been following me over the years, I'm usually pretty positive in my food/drink reviews. But this one? Wow. I open the bottle, all innocent like, and my nose was assaulted by the smell of laquer thinner. I don't mean that like "wine talk". You know, "hints of chestnuts and plums". No. I mean like even with the Spanish Flu, you would smell this smell. Being stupid, since I couldn't imagine that smell came from this bottle, I immediately go in to sniffing it. Vinegar. Knock you over, boiling hot white vinegar percolating through a drip coffee maker vinegar. Awful. Burned the hairs in my nose. Now Kimberly and Archie were trying to sleep, but instinctively I screamed, "Oh!" in response to this 2nd nasal assault. Rodney asked what was wrong so I brought him a glass. Didn't say a word. The next 15 minutes we did nothing but laugh uncontrollably. It is literally the worst tasting thing we have tasted since we met. We kept acting like wine reviewers and quoting how we'd pan this crap. So I go into the house to read the bottle, just to see if this was bad wine or if this was on purpose. Then I read the back label. This is not mead plus blueberries. This was a bold new replacement for red wine. BULLSHIT! This *might* make a good vinegar for salad dressing, but that's a reach. Such great laughs bohemian plus figure wedding gowns
So glad we didn't bother Kimberly and Archie! We asked this morning.