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cheap bridesmaids dresses under 50

Its your wedding day ? in facebook Land. No cheating no matter how weird it is. Just put the @sign followed by the letter and a name will pop up . Leave a blank copy in the comments for your friends.Here is my wedding day: cheap bridesmaids dresses under 50
Who I marry ? @c: Carman Ash
Maid of Honor ? @j: Onica Jefferson
Best Man ? @a: Larry Ash
Tries to stop you ? @f: Francisco Lopez
Cries the whole time ? @d: Hailey Dines
The priest @m: Alyssa Marie
Eats all the wedding cake ? @l : LeeAnna Sorensen
Gets way too wild ? @d: John Deforest
Is the flower girl ? @b: Victoria Frost Brooks
Is the ring boy ?? @w: Casper Wilmoth
Throws the brides flowers ? @r: Rebecca Woodruff
Cant stop laughing ? @s: Suzi Harvey
Falls asleep in the ceremony ? @a: Anthony Sparks
Spills their drink ? @t: Terrance Irons
Slips and falls on the flower girl ? @c: Amberly Cole
Bridesmaid ? @m: Erica Martinez
Clean copy in comments How did your wedding turn out? ? ? ? ?