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cocktail wears specially for tall ladies


You have read, commented and shared alot of posts without evidence but this one is too dangerous to miss

Please stop what you are doing and read this to the end. You will not regret.


You cannot finish reading this short story without a miracle happening to you.

A young orphan school girl was hated by her teacher for no reason, she tried all she could to make the teacher like her but she failed.

She was being humiliated everyday by this teacher and she cried each day at school.

One day missionaries from USA decided to visit the school and present gifts to the students and the students were made to line up, fortunately the young girl was the first one in the front line but when the same teacher came in to the class, he saw the girl in front, knowing that the gifts could finish before it gets to the people behind, he commanded the girl to go to the back, the girl with tears went and queued up at the last edge of the line and continued crying... cocktail wears specially for tall ladies

Few minutes later the missionaries came and in the process of distributing the gift they discovered that the people in front were very close to the black board, they decided to start from the back and the rejected girl became the first to receive the best gift, when Jehova want to bless you, those who are against it will die with bitterness and trying hard to fight your blessings.

Can i Prophesy?

It doesn't matter where the devil has pushed you, it doesn't matter where people have pushed you to.

Immediately you type AMEN and SHARE this post, as we enter this month of August i command your blessings to follow you and locate you anywhere you are TONIGHT.


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