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Sudden weight loss

This sign is the first thing that warns you of the presence of cancer in the body especially if it`s lung or breast cancer. The unexplained loss of weight occurs when the cancer cells interfere with the liver and attacks it. Besides being a sign for detecting breast and lung cancer, the loss of weight can also be indicator for digestive cancers and colon cancer. country rustic collections for wedding made of lace


Chronic heartburn

Chronic heartburn may indicate that you suffer from esophageal cancer or Barrett`s esophagus.

Bowel problems

Bowel cancer is characterized with sudden change of the bowel functions. If this condition is present for longer time, like more than one month, than it`s a sign of bowel cancer.

Difficulty swallowing

The changes with the swallowing like pain, burning sensation and difficult swallowing may be signs of lung, throat or esophageal cancer.

Frequent infections or fevers

If you are dealing with fever for longer time it may indicate that you have lymphoma.


Various types of cancer are characterized by constant and unexplained fatigue and weakness.

Shortness of breath

If you have this condition constantly and you can`t breathe normally it may indicate the presence of lung cancer which narrows and presses against the airways.

Chronic cough

The symptoms of Leukemia and lung cancer are constant chest pain and chronic cough.


If you suffer from abdominal bloating and pelvic pain and always feeling full than you might have ovarian cancer.


Jaundice or yellowing of the whites of the eyes or yellowing of the skin and is the first and most evident sign that you suffer from gallbladder or liver cancer or other diseases.

Strange lumps or swellings on the body

Having strange and unexplained lumps on some areas of the body like neck, breasts, groin, testicles, armpits or abdomen may indicate cancer.

Moles changes

If your moles are changing and hurt than it may be a sign of cancer.

Changes on the nails

The nails and the changes of the nails can be indicators that there is something wrong and can indicate different types of cancer: lung, skin or liver cancer. If you notice your nails to be clubbed, pale or have dark spots than you need to check yourself for cancer presence.

Pain in the abdomen

Constant pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic is a sign of breast, ovarian, rectum, uterine and colon cancer.

Unexplained pain

If you feel unexplained pain that doesn`t go away for entire month it usually means that you are having testicular or bone cancer.

Abnormal bleeding

If you notice blood in the stool or urine it may indicate kidney, bowel or bladder cancer. If you bleed between cycles or after menopause it may indicate uterine cancer.

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