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custom made selections for formal party

My maternal grandparents met during this hurricane. Martial law was declared in Corpus Christi, due to the category 5 storm. They were evacuated to downtown, before the seawall. [in the place where Veterans Memorial Coliseum was built] He was a veteran engineering consultant in WWII. My mother was born on Labor Day, September 5; 5 years later. Her eldest grandchild was born on her birthday, to her eldest, me. My 2 most awesome memories of The Coliseum: One was my baby sister ... , Lacey, winning 1st runner up in the Miss South Texas Teen Pageant. She was so beautiful, in a a semi~formal white dress; like Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. The winner wore a fancy glittering formal, like Ginger; which was against the rules. The other was an all city ballet recital around 1962. I wore a red & gold satin or silk short kimono onstage. I took a deep curtsey with my arms up behind me. Tiny Tim sang 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' while he danced through a small field of fake tulips. A lady wore a table for a skirt, all set for a fancy dinner. custom made selections for formal party

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