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WARNING!!! Scammers and Violent Criminals on Social Media, presenting False News Stories creating a
Fear Campaign of Australian Federal Police and their Partner Networks and Islam World Wide.

This particular story highlights one of the many participants of an Australian Criminal Cult behind this fraudulent practice.

Michael Anthony Borusiewicz is closely linked to the recently arrested Child Kidnappers, from the former Australian Antipaedophile Party who are now Trolling and Targeting a list of 44 Senators who voted against a Royal Commission into the Family Court. dresses for older brides

Before you join this Cult or contribute to their online Cyber Attacks and Bullying, take a good look at how he treats his neighbours.
from below link.

"Michael Anthony Borusiewicz attended the victim's home last Tuesday night and head-butted, punched and even bit him in the vicious frenzy.
The victim was left with a broken rib, stitches in his lip and a bruised head. He also had bite injuries and bruising where Borusiewicz gouged his eyes."

(read main post for more, and read the content of the picture as evidence that 44 Senators who voted against the Royal Commission into Family Courts will be trolled by this Cult of Cyber and Civil Criminals)