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evening party formal wears for mature women over 50

(If you don't get angry before completing the reading, then you will celebrate yourself)

In the late 90's and crossing into the millennium, those that had good family background, do see it as a thing of pride and have no other option than to exploit the connection, influence and affluent that come with it to get things done or going. By good background, we are talking about, having parents who are business magnates, oil mogul, bank MD's, Professor, head of government parastatals, internationally recognized clergy, big schools proprietors and rich civil servants and politicians. Their children ride on the horses provided by their parent either dead or alive to get fast or automatic university admission, travel Visa's, jobs, contracts, positions, preferential treatment, loan, any spouse of their features, celebrity marriages; just to mention a few. On the other hands those who have no such luxury embedded in their family background struggles to do anything or have anything. Whatever hardwork and intelligence can not afford them, it is left a wish. In those times, when you see children who are blue blooded, you will know them; their skin, eyes, cheeks, shoes and their home premises and locations. Also, those whose parents do not have much, know themselves and one another. evening party formal wears for mature women over 50
In the last one decade, the gap between what we call a good background and a rough background has almost disappeared. Not that the gap was close, the gap has been level up with what is not available. Did I sound crazy? The gap was not bridge, we only cover the eyes of those that are still bothered by the ever present gap. It now appears everyone has a good background. Yes, if not a good family background, at least a good picture background. About one and half decades ago, the best that any photo studio can have is flower stands, background lightings and some art works: if not, common studios only have 'Adire' (tie and die clothes) as background. Now, everything is changed. With Mobile phones especially smart phones in the possession of anyone who has fingers to press phone rather than money to buy one, everyone is rich, connected, beautiful, widely travelled, beautifully dressed, own several houses and rides several cars. Everyone has a good background.. No one lives in Mushin again, the whole Lagos has relocated to the Island. Everyone has Linda Ikeji, Funke Akindele and WizKid as cousins... You are asking how! See the pix they snapped with the blogger or the entertainer.
Madness everywhere, as everyone want to show you another good background. She walks into a supermarket or mall, picked up a toothbrush of 100naira, then back the wall ways and beginning to snap... Big girl! He goes to the bank officer, "please can I use your toilet".. Just go straight and turn left, you will see the toilet. On getting there, he does the usual.. When you check social media.." This is where I work "....+10 pix.The car he snapped in... the ower only sent him to pick up something from the rare seat and he sneaks into the driver's seat.. Madness. On birthday, some even snap over a table order of strangers... Just to portrayed they enjoyed their day. I heard that some even buy wallpapers of background of iconic structures to snap with... You will see an update " chilling at Burg al Arab" meanwhile she is in ileoluji in ondo state.. Sorry if you are from there... Don't mind me joor.
A friend posted on fb days ago, that a particular couple had serious misunderstanding because the husband has so much Facebook pictures of this my friend on his phone and for three years... He was busy quarrelling with his wife... That she didn't know how to package or dress like the lady he follows her picture on fb... The wife trace the fb account of this friend and started calling the fb friend husband snatcher.... I may not narrate it well.... But know it's pure madness and misplaced of Marital priorities. The fb girl is living her life and even probably enjoying her relationship... You continue to destroy yours o...
Have you not seen girls in your area; who will not bath for two days roaming the street, yet blossoming on fb and instalgram like celebrities. Are you saying you know it is photo edit or app... Oh because you have seen them in real life... Then are you now foolish to know those ones you haven't seen in real lif and you fantasized about because of their pix on social media.. could be fake too? Think now.. Guy.
You are in school, you want to be dressing like princess, shade or cutielegs in your hostel.. You used all your allowance that your petty trader mother gave you, to buy rags because you want to need to think twice and remember the child of whom you are... You don't know who those girl's parents are or how they get their money... Wake up.
You want to achieve the dress style you snapshot on Instagram? You will run down.. As far as social media is concerned, the more you look the less you see and the less you are rational.
Let me continue.. With the resent 'yahoo yahoo' going on social media through picture and videos... You will soon fall victim if you aint careful. You think he has six packs and pink lips... Ah... It is apps o. You are dying because of her freshyo face and hips... Guy give yourself sense.. It is also apps. Thief want to date thief... He said he is the son of Otedola and you also claim your parents have oil bloc... Whoooooo... Ole! Those bible quotes does not mean he has good Christian background... And those online relationship counselling she posted may just be a copy and paste.. Get wise.
Even if you were brought into the world by parent who are "nobody"... Remember your former and your creactor is the Almighty. You have everything that it takes to succeed and even the motivation is there... Which is, you had a rough background... Use it as a reason why you will raise your own kids with good background... Stop faking to be what is even an adulterated form of what God has in stock for your life.
I am obanuso temitope obanuso... God bless.