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gala dresses

Air travel has changed a lot over the past 50's no longer a luxury experience and not very practical to dress up when flying involves dragging luggage for miles, stripping and rushing through security. Here's another installment in the "what to wear to fly series. gala dresses

This Leota New York sweetheart maxi dress is comfy as pajamas, wrinkle-proof, has a pattern to hide spills, and modest so all the buts are covered even in an akward sleeping position.

Skip necklaces to avoid activating a frontal security pat down. Inexpensive statement earrings and travel engagement and wedding rings pass the security test and won't make you cry if the get lost or left.

Athleisure sandals are comfy on the long walks through terminals and still cute.

This JC Penney shrug is a nice extra layer and won't break your heart if it gets left or lost (well it might because it fits perfectly and I love it)