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grandmother of the groom dresses

Hi MyMT Followers - I was asked this question at one of my seminars recently and it's one I have come across before so I thought I would make a post out of it! Women always say to me - "If I do your program, you're not going to make me stop drinking coffee are you?"
The answer of course is NO. I love coffee too. But if you want to know if it makes you FAT in menopause which this lady thought, then click on the link and you will get taken through to the NEWS page on the website. Read it when you get a chance ... perhaps over a coffee! grandmother of the groom dresses

DOES COFFEE MAKE YOU FAT IN MENOPAUSE? | My Menopause Transformation Hi Ladies – I love doing seminars because I get asked all sorts of questions and it gives me some insight into what women believe about what they have been told…