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Done. Another day of treatment and yes, it is true that one takes years before you feel alive again... all that time is dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and another medicine that is helping organs to To recover, but it never turns to 100 % because the immune system has deteriorated, has become weak and deficient. lace wedding dress with cap sleeves
Of course, in the most difficult moments of life, you realize who are your real friends and those who appreciate you, including on this little list to some family members, because there are times that even they don't even know.
Unfortunately, like most friendships, FB friends do not escape this reality, they most easily leave you in the middle of your story. They who call you "dear friend" unfortunately don't really read your message when they see it's long. More than half stopped reading. Some of them could already be in the next message in news feed.
I have decided to publish this message to support the families of friends and family who have fought with cancer, this terrible disease that affects those who suffer and their closest relatives but who follow until the end...
Now I'm addressing who takes the time to read this message to the end... a little test, if you want, just to see who reads, and who shares it without reading.
If you have read everything, I wish every heart that "God help you and protect every moment of your life".
Cancer is a very invasive and destructive enemy to our bodies. Even after the end of the treatment, the body remains in the ditch, on the side of life to try to repair and damage caused by the treatment of the disease. It's a painful and very long process.
Please, in honor of a family member or a deceased friend of cancer, or who is still fighting this damn disease, copy and paste this message as a post on your FB.
How many times have we heard others say: "if you need anything, do not hesitate to call me, I will be there to help you".
So I bet most of you have seen this message and publish it on your wall, to show your support to the family / friend that you can fight.
If you did it ends with copying and pasting - do not share this message.
I'd like to know who's able to invest a minute of his day and read to the end.
If you have finished, write "done" in the comments. So I can thank you for your profile.