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long floor-length wears for girls

(")(")(") Feliz Holds 1st Filipino Costume Day, Marks Bigger and Better Programs To Come (")(")(")
The Feliz Academy Inc. holds today, August 25, 2015, the first Filipino Costume day which will be integrated in the School Calendar of Events to be celebrated annually during the "Buwan Ng Wika". The Filipino Costume Day gives tribute to our country's traditional costumes as it were worn before during the olden times. The Filipino Costume Day requires all pupils to wear an ... y Filipino costume the whole day as they attend their classes. This give them an opportunity to experience the rich culture that we have during the times of our great ancestors. This effort is also made to dispel negative comments upon seeing someone wearing these beautiful dresses and barongs, like, Fiesta ba? San ang kasal?, Ninang ka ba? Muka kang ibuburol sa suot mo ! The Academy, for the longest time, pioneers in integrating lessons learned in the classroom to practical life activities as what dear Maria Montessori had discovered upon while serving the children from the slums of Rome. The Academy believes that by doing so, children will have a stronger grasp of what is reality, and reality will teach them lessons in life. Thank you for choosing Feliz Academy Inc. long floor-length wears for girls

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