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maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle

After a long day at theater camp I was determined to go to bed early. I just had to take the pups out one last time. As we came back in I saw cooper spin around to sniff something on the kitchen floor. I know that particular sniff. It was the "bee" sniff. He had just stepped on one and brought it into the house. And, then he started walking on three feet so I knew he had been stung, and I know he is allergic. However, prior to taking him out I had given him his evening meds, which includes apoquel, along with a Benadryl in the summer (he's also allergic to grass). I quickly called the vet and they said not to give him anymore and just to watch. Within minutes he was coughing and making a gagging sound, while at the same time running in circles and trying to get under the bed and other furniture. I scooped him up and threw him in the car and headed toward Vestal. The dog who hates the car simply lay still in the front seat, coughing with his body making a hiccup-looking tremor the first few miles. However, the Benadryl kicked in and he stopped the coughing, gagging and twitching. Halfway there, I realized he was going to be ok and we turned around for home. I am so glad I gave him the Benadryl two minutes BEFORE he was stung, or I wouldn't have been able to get it into him easily. He slept well by my side and seems ok this morning. And, I handled it all on my own without freaking out and needing maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle Madison TerBoss to take over. She's my "calm under pressure" vice, but she wasn't home.