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Q: Do you make your cookies with breastmilk?
A: Ummmmm.... no, if that is what you're looking for you have come to the wrong place... sorry.
Q: Do you sell your dough prepared but not baked?
A: I do not, I sell baked products only on the fact once the dough leaves my kitchen I cannot be held accountable to how it is prepared and too many people eat raw cookie dough and that poses a risk for salmonella. (Which is not ideal to a breastfeeding mama) ...
Q: can I buy in bulk and freeze baked cookies later?
A: I'm not sure, I've never tried to reheat frozen cookies. (If anyone has experience with this please educate me!)
Q: can pregnant women eat your cookies?
A: yes of course! These cookies will not cause spontaneous labor. If you're eating late in your pregnancy it may help your milk come in quicker (not personally tested or based on factual evidence) although I do not recommend pregnant women to pump prior to labor as nipple stimulation may cause induction of labor.
Q: Do you eat your own cookies?
A: of course I do! I have a six month old son, i exclusively pump due to latch issues, I produce anywhere from 45 to 55 oz a day (depending on pump times, cookie consumption, and hydration)
Q:How many do you eat in a day?
A: Anywhere from two to three a day, its usually my go to snack during the day or right before bed.

A few things to keep in mind is that every moms body is different, a lot of things effect milk supply and there is no magical thing you can consume to give you 100 oz a day. Some breasts just have a low capacity, other moms dont drink enough water or sleep, or take care of themselves enough. Being a mom is hard work, things like stress will deplete milk supply and it is important to remember, that your worth as a mother is not measured in ounces. maternity wears for wedding at affordable price

Does anyone have anymore questions for me? :)

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