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mini wedding dresses

I would like to wish myself a happy 16th wedding anniversary even though I got to spend it alone I hope my husband Danny Robertson has a good time with the whore he's with now, thanks Dan for wrecking mine and the kids life you know I will always love you and my heart breaks every day I can't handle this much anymore I hate seeing my kids suffer from not seeing their dad and why can't he get his head out of his ass and be a dad and a husband instead of an idiot, I hate to say this but I think after I had him clean for going on 19 years he's probably back on meth now and then his best friend Scott Bushy got busted with heroin so he's probably on that too, he couldn't even show up to his daughters graduation or his dad's funeral it's pretty sad, and he saw his son Danny at the car show, with some big fat bitch he was dressed up his hair Slickback with boots and everything and couldn't even say hello to his own son know that is pretty goddamn bad and then when I seen him at the dollar store the night before Jasmine's graduation I smacked him in the head and told him that she was graduating at 10 and he told her to her face that he would be there and he never bothered showing up, you talk about deadbeat dad he's the worst fucking deadbeat dad. He has not seen Logan since before Christmas, and the only thing they got for Christmas was a few things each they got a Easter basket you to get Jasmine money for her birthday otherwise I have not seen a penny from him in three years I had to get school clothes I had to keep the kids dad I have to keep the kids bandage but they are everything and he will not do a fucking thing and you work your cash for premier asphalt and for the guys brother down at the Papermill he makes like 30 some dollars cash and I can't get a penny from him I've turned him in the child support and now I'm turning the people in to IRS they are paying cash I need money for these kids I am not the only one who made them, by the way he gave Jasmine money for her birthday but he didn't get the boys nothing for their birthday for the last three years and nothing for Jasmine except for this year right when she turned 18 otherwise there's have been no birthday presents absolutely nothing no phone call I don't have a fucking phone number to reach him that if there's an emergency here so fucking brain-dead this stupid bitch Wanda he's with has him so brainwashed and then he sleeping with every bitch there is he's passing hepatitis C and everybody because he does not believe in wearing any protection so everyone will end up with it, he's been treated but he still a carrier, sorry for posting on my dirty laundry but I have to get it out of my out of my head my head feels like it's going to explode today is going to be a really really really bad day plus I feel like shit I'm getting a sinus infection and my stomach hurts I don't know it's just gonna be a bad day! mini wedding dresses