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Angela Asgard's Assassin starring the ever so popular Angela who was conceived by both Neil Gaiman and Todd Macfarlene first appeared in Spawn 9 published by Image comics. Angela has had a very strong following among comic readers who collected Spawn and was immensely popular in the series. Apparently, Neil Gaiman had a fall out with Todd Macfarlene and no doubt held more of the control over the character as he had sold her rights to Marvel Comics possibly to spite Todd so the story goes.

Angela first landed in the Marvel universe in Age of Ultron 10 (2013) and then in a new series in Angela Asgard's Assassin 1 in which I first became aware of her showing up in Marvel and was shocked thinking there was some sort of collaboration between Marvel and Image before realizing that the character was fully sold to Marvel. I bought several copies of Angela Asgard's Assassin 1 speculating that given Angela's very strong popularity in the Spawn series would most likely continue within the Marvel verse although I don't have the Age of Ultron 10 and would love to see that one. She is definitely one character who I am suspecting that Marvel surely has movie like plans for and by the looks of it the books seem to be doing relatively well although the transition has been far from smooth by what I am feeling and reading among the plot lines as well as peoples' comments. not expensive prom formal gowns below 100

Shortly after Angela was given her first series Asgard's Assassin she then went into another series/role that had her being the Queen of Hell which struck me as kind of odd as Hela looks after the underworld and perhaps the reason that the creative team at Marvel has been trying to figure out what to do with the character. As it happened, while looking to see how everything is fitting together, today, I have come to learn that Thor supposedly had a sister who was stated to be dead, and surprise surprise in the series Thor and Loki 10th Realm which is said to be a tie in to the Original Sin arc reveals that Angela is Thor's sister.

Angela is also linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy in which because i haven't collected much beyond Angela Asgard's Assassin I really don't know what the tie is, however, given
that Marvel is continuing to create strong visibiltiy and focus on
the character and as she gains more stability and fan base admiration I would think that she will inevitably have a cameo in
some film, although so far, there doesn't seem to be anything mentioned in things like Guardians of the Galaxy arc or in the Thor one as far as movies are concerned. But with this being said, I will definitely not be surprised to see if Angela will be among the heroes squaring off against Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet which is in production. For anyone who remembers Thanos was first shown in the very end of the first Thor movie but hasn't been seen since.

Thanos no doubt will have his minions and team squaring
off against which by the looks of it will be all the Guardians of the
Galaxy team, all the Avengers as well as most likely
Spiderman and Dr. Strange all of who will most likely have their baddies as well. This movie is going to be massive where apparently some characters will be killed as to what I have been hearing. I would think given this epic movie as to what it is being planned that Angela would fit in well and I hope that she comes in to whatever extent be it cameo or what otherwise it may be a missed opportunity to cement her into non-comic collectors as well as collectors minds. If i am a betting man this is where I suspect Angela will make her mark setting things up for her own
spin off but I guess all of this speculation as to whether or not she will make it in a Marvel movie despite the fact that I strongly believe this character can continue on being one of the stronger and more promising female heroes who I believe many people will come to know and love as they have with literally all the others like (Thor, Antman, Black Panther, Falcon, Iron Man) all of who were really secondary and tertiary characters behind the likes of Spiderman, X-men, Fantastic Four but I know this is all
debatable. Nevertheless, what isn't it is thanks to the amazing job that the studios have done with the Marvel movies which have hit their marks and left a strong enough and lasting impression on both the collectors and non collectors minds--top marks to Marvel (should i say Disney now) in making really successful films which I continue to enjoy although i pick and chose which ones I will watch in the theatres, Spiderman Homecoming wasn't one of them as Thor Raganok is also not likely going to be one of them, but I am thinking to catch Deadpool 2 on the big screen. There are just so many of these movies that i have to start to pick and chose which ones i will see in the theatres the rest I will inevitably buy on dvd.