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Copied: Intelligent responses welcomed!!

Sharing from a friend.....
I'm not here to get into a political pow wow and listen to someone's hurt feelings but then there is THIS!!!
Can a Transgender get necessary hormones down range in a combat zone?
Can a Transgender suffer hormonal imbalance causing questionable emotions during a firefight? Yes.
Are you willing to stand next to a withdrawing Transgender in a battle and just hope they are in the right state of mind despite having been hunkered in a field in Kandahar for 2 weeks without supplies much less medical hormones and just trust that state of mind with your life?
It's not a matter of acceptance, it's just the supply a medic carries is not adequate to keep up with that type of demand and the military can't even provide adequate barracks STATESIDE in many posts so they can't afford the medical necessities a Transgender would require. If you are barred from service because of illnesses like diabetes, which requires constant medication, why shouldn't you be barred for changing your gender which requires a constant supply of hormones and other medication? In a warzone thats not feasible. There are too many distractions from the mission in the name of equality. The military needs diversity but only to the extent of peak mission capability. Once you start focusing more attention on unique individuals in the military to the point it requires special training, you aren't using your time and energy on your job anymore. I say if you can fit in without causing a stir about yourself then join the fight. If not, and everyone need a to be educated on how to treat you in a special way. Well then you're a problem. So what about those who solely joined for the military to pay for their transition medications and surgical procedures? I'm all for allowing anyone and everyone to join and volunteer but not just for the military to pay for something. I'm not for people to sign for two years to abuse the system. Simple , the military can't afford nor does not have the time to pay for someone who wants to change their gender, nor should they, you want to do that fine, then you can pay for it. one shoulder wedding dresses
And if someone goes through all that then there is all the medical upkeep that must be done which places people in a non deployment status too much and is detrimental to the ready rate of the military. There are 3 steps that need to be taken to transition:
1. Psychological evaluation and counseling
2. Extensive surgery
3. Ongoing medical treatment to maintain the transition.
All on the tax payers dime.
If you "need" those 3 things when you join the military, you are not fit to serve.
No different than if you have a heart condition, seizure disorder, or poor hearing or eyesight, asthma, spinal curvature, etc etc.......any other major medical problems...even mental...