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puffy wedding dresses

My dreaming beach wedding party : warm, fun, cheerful
Where I am able to walk through sea sidewalk aisle,
To wear my "bikini" dressed by gown,
To feel kissed by sunshine,
To show the shining exotic skin,
To gather two different cultures among Europe and Asia,
To see my parent happily talking with my parent in-law while eating mixed cuisine,
To get closer n mingle with every guests whose enjoy the wedding celebration and vacation in the same time
so I will be in the middle of ppl, surrounded by their happiness n laughter, this wedding not only mine n my future husband but also theirs, our inner guests... puffy wedding dresses <3
(dipajang dipelaminan, ku tak mauu)

Bali Top Wedding - Beach Wedding When your parents, your close friends, and your groom are matched, your wedding will be amazing. Must watch!