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red color wears for a prom look sexy

Joel Telfer Jnr
When stories of you are being told, I know for certain that it would be hinged on 4 main things- Persistence, Passion, Pseudo Integrity and Diligence.. Probably more as you grow because truth be told I know you never stay the same.. Your unquenchable desire for excellence and insurmountable ambitions have made the sky only but a stepping stone.. red color wears for a prom look sexy
Today I celebrate Greatness.. The little I have experienced and the enormous amount the world is yet to see..
Y ... ou are an inspiration and though we may have our ups and downs, I must say I'm happy our friendship stood the test of time
Happy Birthday Champ.
May you continue to be deeply rooted on fertile grounds and be established on firmly on solid rock..
God bless you

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