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vintage dresses for mother of the bride

This woman, Holly, is a frickin' beast. I love her. She does what women are taught not to do: Tell the truth. I am not anti-booze. I don't believe in temperance. I think drinking is good, great. ...Unless it's making you sad, lonely, weird, apathetic, incapable of living your life in a way that makes you -- dare I say -- happy. I know a lot of women who drink to deal, to cope, to keep up socially -- and it'sThis causing them pain. This is not judgment. This is a women's issue. Let's start by questioning why our culture expects and encourages us to be under the influence. Why the only/surest/best way to form community and achieve closeness is around the bottle (I'm looking at you, college.) Why is this a women's issue? Sexual assault, unplanned pregnancy, depression, anxiety, enfeebled state, inability to participate/contribute to the civic sphere... Again, this is not an anti-alcohol stance. This is about peeking behind the "Sex and the City" and "Mom's Rose' Happy Hour" curtain. Or. As someone else said, this is "just another form of BREAKING TRANCE." vintage dresses for mother of the bride