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vintage inspire wedding items for plus figure ladies

If you don't want to grow white hairs before youget married, here are the things you need to doto attract your man and get married on time:1. SMILE: Men love smiling women. No, not theone that begins and ends with the mouth, theone that starts from the eyes. Genuine, lovingsmile attracts people, creates friendship andunlock doors! Learn to smile at people baby,women who lack men's attention rarely smile.They are always cold and look as if they arecarrying the problem of the whole world on theirhead! Some of these ladies even frown a lot!Look, everybody has a problem, no man wants toadd another person's problem to his own. Be agenuinely happy person and show it by smiling atpeople. Men will find you irresistible and seek toknow you more.2. BE HUMBLE: Humble women don't lacksuitors! One way to stay single for a long longtime is to be proud and cocky! Proud women area big turn off! If you always roll your eyes atpeople, segregate yourself from the company ofcommon people, talk down on anybody and youare practically rude because of your class,money, car, social status, job, etc, you will staysingle forever! Be humble! Learn toaccommodate all class for people. Learn toserve others. Learn to use "sir" when talking tomen. Some men may tell you it doesn't matterbut secretly, they love it. Men love it whenwomen address them with respect. Learn to berespectful and submissive to authorities.3. BE CONFIDENT: Confident women areattractive any day any time. Knowing who youare, pursuing your dreams, vision, passion andgoals makes you a confident person worthinvesting in. When you know your reason forbeing here on earth is far more than gettingmarried, punch out few kids and stay locked inthe kitchen forever, you approach life with apositive mind set, you are energetic andconfident in who you are, you have a good, soundself esteem and men are irresistibly drawn toyou.4. BE FRIENDLY: Ladies who keep to themselveshoping some Prince Charming will find them arenot ready for marriage. Be friendly! Being friendlyis different from being desperate and cheap. Goout. Attend positive programmes, conferences,seminars, workshops, symposiums and serve inyour local church. Enjoy meeting people andgetting to know them purely for friendship not formarriage. A man can smell it a million mikesaway if you are desperate and chasing him. Justbe yourself. If you are just being friendly and hethinks you are cheap, that's his headache! Don'tlet that stop you from being friendly to people.Smile a lot, meet people and be a happy personto have around.5. BE GENEROUS: Stingy women who can't partwith anything don't know what marriage is about.Be generous to people. Be generous with whatyou have. Be generous with your smile, your love,your talent, your service, your money, yourprayers, whatever you've got that can bless lives.Generous women are men attractors, they neverlack admirers.6. BE FORGIVING: Forgive all your EX, forgivethe guy who abused you or rape you, forgive allwho disappointed you in the past. Practiceadvance forgiveness, forgive people before theyhurt you, more people will offend you. If you findit difficult forgiving people, you will grow bitterand people will move away from you especiallymen. Release the man who promised youmarriage but disappointed you and marriedsomeone else. Actually, you were not meant tobe. If you had married him, you may have beendivorced or dead! Thank God for it and move on.If you don't release that man you may never findany man to marry! Men will unconsciously moveaway from you and you will be singe andmiserable for the rest of your life!7. BE INTELLIGENT: Men like intelligent women.Know when, how and where to talk. Don't be adummy upstairs. Know what is going on aroundyou. You shouldn't be a naive, empty-brained,beauty queen. Your face may get you into themarriage, your brain will determine how long youlast. A man likes a woman who can giveintelligent answers to questions and contributemeaningfully to discussions. If he asks you, "Whyis Nigeria in the mess we are in?" And youscratched your head, looked at the ceiling, biteyour finger and say, "I don't know" Your brainneeds revival!8. BE NEAT: Dirty ladies are not good marriagecandidates. Some ladies look great outside but ifyou see where they step out, you will rememberworld war 2! Very dirty, disorganized and roughto say the least! No sane man wants to marry adirty woman. Learn to be neat. Take good careof your underwear, learn to shave. Keep off thebody and mouth odour. Deal with the eczemaand pimples, do your hair on time or comb itwell. Always appear neat and presentable.9. LEARN HOW TO DRESS WELL: Wearsomething that fits you, not what is in vogue. Geta good tailor who can sew clothes that fits yourbody shape. Learn about your body shape andwear something that flatters your figure. Straightladies need clothes that flatters the waist line.There are some clothes good on hourglass notgood on pear, apple shapes will look great inshirts and suits, pears will look great in gownsetc. I'm not saying you can't wear different kindsof clothes, just wear the ones that fit you. Theymake you sweet to look at and simplyirresistible!10. LOVE YOURSELF: You can't love others ifyou don't love yourself. Celebrate yourself.Accept yourself the way you are, you are simplythe best. Don't envy anybody. Not everyone's gotwhat you've got, celebrate your uniqueness. Menlove ladies who love themselves. Don't envysomeone else's looks, love what you have. Don'twish you have a fuller chest, heavy bum, sexynose or longer hair. The man God created foryou needs someone exactly like you and will fallin love with you just the way you are so chill andappreciate God.11. BE GODLY: Godly women carry God and carrygold. Men find you irresistible.12. BUILD A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURDAD AND SIBLINGS: It tells a man how you willtreat him in marriage.13. BE FEMININE: Some women have masculinenature: the "Tomboys"! And there are men wholove tomboys, honestly! Not with standing, learnhow to sit like a lady and talk like a lady! It's "unwoman" to sit with your laps thrown apart, youbelch loudly after gulping a bottle of malt andbarge in and out of a house like a soldier! Evensoldiers are regal in their steps! Stop giving menthe impression that they want to marry a man!Be ladylike! Learn it if it is not natural with you.14: BE HARDWORKING: No man wants to marrya lazy, indolent, passive, idle, backward, sleeping,purposeless and visionless woman! You willattract your kind! If you want a hardworking man,be hardworking, up and doing, agile, proactive,versatile, business minded, creative andindustrious. Learn how to make money and havean active bank account!15: READ BOOKS: Ladies who read instead ofjumping from house to house gossiping aboutnothing in particular don't lack good suitors.Read godly books that will bless your life andmake you a testimony to others. My husbandwas attracted to me because I was a voraciousreader. John Mason brought us together.16: GODLY ASSOCIATIONS: Some women willnever marry until they change their friends. Ifyou want to marry fast, you will need to let go ofyour unserious friends who enjoy clubbing andget close to married women with beautifulmarriages whom you can learn from!These and more are the things you need to do toget a godly suitor and marry gloriously. You stillneed to pray though, some delay are spiritual innature. No matter what you do, you may neverget a man to marry if you don't break someyokes through earth shaking prayers and violentapplication of the word.You should practice all these if you want to getmarried on time and also get in the word, prayagainst delay and deal with every stronghold andspiritual problems in your life. I see you gettingmarried soon in Jesus name. Do not forget tosend me an invitation. FEEL FREE TO SHARE.God bless you, cheers! vintage inspire wedding items for plus figure ladies