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vintage mother of the bride dresses tea length

The woman has always been our true mother earth and a perfect example of the law as above;so below. She is a perfect reflection of the divine purpose the physical earth serves for all of life.

For example the soil of earth is where all seeds are planted; just as the womb of woman is where we plant our seeds. The earth is our environment and our environment produces everything it takes for us to live. It produces the air that we breath, the water that we drink, the food that we eat, the material that we need for the shelters that we build.

The woman is our first environment. That's why she is mother earth. When we were in her womb connected to her by our navels; what she eats we also eat and we are provided with nutrient. What she drinks; we drink and our thirst is quenched. When you she breathes in air, we also breathe In and take in the breath of life. When we are in her womb; she shelters and protects us and she cloths us with our flesh, while we are protected inside of her. What better environment is there than one that produces everything necessary for life.

Before she gives birth to me, before producing milk. Her breast produce colostrum, which provide our children with antibodies needed to fight bacterial and virues, before the child's immune system becomes fully functional. Also it helps expel meconium (a child's first stool). Soon breast milk flows and provides every nutrients needed to sustain a growing infant, including fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, horomones, vitiams and digestive enzymes. Breast milk is also a natural vaccination, providing antibodies that infant and toddlers resists and infections. The woman provides our seeds with their first meals and everything that is necessary for early survival. God - by one of the definitions provides for the weak and needy. That's why the woman is a Goddess and mother earth. vintage mother of the bride dresses tea length