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Inbox: I need advice I'm 5 or 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor thinks my pregnancy will not progress normally because of my hcg levels not doubling. They are increasing though and went from 7500 last week to 22000 this week. (If they double every 48 hours they should be at 55000 from last week) My doctor is being negative, insensitive and is trying to jump to ectopic and m/c before giving the baby a chance.

It is still unclear how exactly far I am due to not knowing when my la ... st period was and I know people have been told they would miscarry and didn't. I haven't had any cramping, bleeding or anything else to make my dr believe I m/c or will just my hcg levels. I am thinking about getting a referral to a different doctor so I can have a second opinion and be seen by someone more positive. Has anyone dealt with this before? I go back on on fri to check my levels again and for another u/s. I had an u/s yesterday and she thinks she can rule out ectopic because there's signs of pregnancy in my uterus amniotic fluid sac and double ring around the sac. I think I'm just very early. wedding collections With Lace Appliques in knee length

I understand that she is looking out for my safety and whether or not this will be a viable pregnancy or not but I she can be more positive since it is my first pregnancy and this is all very new and scary to me. I know the chances are slim but has anyone had a healthy baby after having low or slow rising hcg levels? I really need some words of encouragement so I'm just not expecting the worst.

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