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what wedding items to wear for mature brides over 50/60

Here you have it Folks! I have compiled a List of the Worst Songs from the 80's. You Know? The Decade of MTV, Nintendo Game Consoles, Big Hair, Puffy Sleeve Blouses, Bubble Dresses, Polka Dot Clothes, Huge Round Ear Rings, Chess King Clothing Boutiques.Glossy Make Up, Madonna. You Get the Idea? what wedding items to wear for mature brides over 50/60

1)."Mickey" by Toni Basil- (Stupid is as Stupid gets when it comes to Squirmy Pop Tunes).
2). "Party All the Time". By Eddie Murphy (Have you ever known anything that Fool put out as Quality?).
3). "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFarrin (You Call that Music?)
4). "Wake Me Up, Before You Go, Go!" George Michael (Oh Yea? Her?)
5)."I Just Called to Say I Love You" Stevie Wonder ( I Wonder What He was Thinking with this Song? I Guess He Couldn't just See it?)
6). "Cherry Pie" by Warrant (Give These Guys a "Warrant" for Their Arrest for Terrible Music!).
7). "Physical" by Olivia Newton John (Did She Really Mean it with that Tune?).
8). "Kokomo". The Beach Boys (Terrible is as Terrible gets with that Song)
9). Any Song by Culture Club (Proving not Everything in the 80's was Classy)
10). Any Song by Milli Vanilli (Enough Said on That)