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Sri Sri Radha-Krsna-Ganoddesa-Dipika
[A Lamp to See the Associates of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna]
by Srila Rupa Goswami 1-107... PART TWO

Sri Krsna's Transcendental Form and Attributes

Sri Krsna's form glistens with the black mascara of the sweetness of His nectarean handsomeness. His complexion is the color of a blue lotus flower or a sapphire.


His complexion is as enchanting as an emerald, a tamala tree, or a group of beautiful dark clouds. He is an ocean of nectarean handsomeness.


He wears yellow garments and a garland of forest flowers. He is decorated with various jewels and He is a great reservoir of the nectar of many transcendental pastimes.


He has long, curling hair and He is anointed with many fragrant scents. His handsome crown is decorated with many different flowers.


His handsome forehead is splendidly decorated with tilaka markings and curling locks of hair. The playful movements of His raised, dark eyebrows enchant the hearts of the gopis.


His rolling eyes are as splendid as red and blue lotus flowers. The tip of His nose is as handsome as the beak of Garuda, the king of birds.


His charming ears and cheeks are decorated with earrings made of various jewels.


His handsome lotus face is as splendid as millions of moons. He speaks many charming jokes and His chin is exquisitely handsome.


His handsome, smooth and charming neck bends in three places. Decorated with a necklace of pearls, the beauty of His neck enchants the residents of the three planetary systems.


Decorated with a necklace of pearls and with the Kaustubha gem, which shines like lightning, Krsna's handsome chest longs to enjoy the company of the beautiful gopis.


Decorated with bracelets and armlets, Krsna's arms hang down to His knees. His reddish lotus hands are decorated with various auspicious signs.


Krsna's hands are beautifully decorated with the auspicious signs of a club, conchshell, barleycorn, parasol, half-moon, rod for controlling elephants, flag, lotus flower, sacrificial post, plow, pitcher and fish.


Krsna's charming abdomen is the pastime abode of handsomeness. His nectarean back seems to long for the playful touch of the beautiful gopis.


The nectarean lotus flower that is Lord Krsna's hips bewilders the demigod Cupid. Krsna's thighs are like two beautiful plantain trees that charm the hearts of all women.


Krsna's knees are very splendid, charming and handsome. His charming lotus feet are decorated with jeweled ankle-bells.

16 - 17

Krsna's feet have the luster of roses, and they are decorated with various auspicious markings, such as the markings of the disc, half-moon, octagon, triangle, barleycorn, sky, parasol, waterpot, conchshell, cow's hoofprint, svastika, rod for controlling elephants, lotus flower, bow and jambu fruit.


Krsna's handsome lotus feet are like two oceans filled with the happiness of pure love. His reddish toes are decorated with the row fo full moons that are His toenails.


Although we have sometimes compared Krsna's handsomeness to various things, nothing can actually be equal to it. In this place we have given a small indication of Krsna's handsomeness to arouse the attraction of the reader.


Krsna's Friends

Now Lord Krsna's friends will be described. The most important of Krsna's friends is His elder brother, Balarama.


Different Kinds of Friends

Krsna's friends are divided into four groups : 1. well-wishing friends (suhrt), 2. ordinary friends (sakha), 3. more confidential friends (priya-sakha), and 4. initmate friends (priya-narma-sakha)


Well-wishing Friends (suhrt)

The well-wishing friends include Krsna's cousins : Subhadra, Kundala, Dandi and Mandala. Sunandana, Nandi, Anandi and others who accompany Krsna as He herds the cows and calves in Vrndavana forest are also well-wishing friends.

23 - 24

Also included among the well-wishing friends are Subhadra, Mandalibhadra, Bhadravardhana, Gobhata, Yaksendra, Bhata, Bhadranga, Virabhadra, Mahaguna, Kulavira, Mahabhima, Divyasakti, Suraprabha, Ranasthira and others. These well-wishing friends are older than Krsna and they try to protect Him from any danger.


Krsna's parents love their son very dearly. They consider Him many millions of times more important than their own life's breath. Very frightened that the demon Kamsa would harm their son, they engaged these well-wishing friends (suhrt) to protect Him. The leader of these well-wishing friends is a boy named Vijayaksa, whose mother, Ambika-devi, was Krsna's nurse. Ambika-devi worshiped goddess Parvati and performed great austerities to get a powerful son who could protect Krsna. yellow selections for cocktail



Subhadra has a splendid dark complexion. He wears yellow garments and various ornaments.


Subhadra's father is Upananda, and his mother the chaste and faithful Tula-devi. Kundalata-devi will become his wife. Subhadra is full of the glory of youth.

28 - 29

Krsna's Ordinary Friends (sakha)

Visala, Vrsabha, Ojasvi, Devaprastha, Varuthapa, Mandara, Kusumapida, Manibandhakara, Mandara, Candana, Kunda, Kalindi, Kulika and many others are included in the group of Krsna's ordinary friends (sakha). These friends are younger than Krsna and are always eager to serve Him.

30 - 31

Krsna's confidential friends (priya-sakha)

Krsna's confidential friends are Sridama, Sudama, Dama, Vasudama, Kinkini, Bhadrasena, Amsu, Stokakrsna, Vilasi, Pundarika, Vitankaksa, Kalavinka and Priyaskara. These friends are the smae age of Krsna. Their leader is Sridama, who is also known as Pithamardaka.


Bhadrasena is the general who leads Krsna's childhood friends in military pastimes. Stokakrsna is very appropriately named, for he is just like a small (stoka) Krsna.


These confidential friends (priya-sakha) delights Lord Krsna with their enthusiastic and jubliant wrestling, stick-fighting and other sports.


These confidential friends are all very peaceful by nature. Each of them considers Lord Krsna equal to his own life's breath.


Krsna's Intimate Friends (priya-narma-sakha)

Subala, Arjuna, Gandharva, Vasanta, Ujjvala, Kokila, Sanandana and Vidagdha are the msot important of Krsna's intimate friends.


Krsna keeps no secrets from these intimate friends. Among them Madhumangala, Puspanka and Hasanka are the leaders of those fond of joking. Handsome Sanandana is very pleased by his close friendship with Krsna and splendid Ujjvala appears like the personified ruler of all transcendental mellows. Lord Krsna, the crest jewel of playful boys, is submissive to His dear friend Ujjvala.


Sridama has a handsome dark complexion. He wears yellow garments and a necklace of jewels.


He is a splendid youth sixteen years old. He is a great resevoir of the nectar of innumerable transcendental pastimes. He is Lord Krsna's dearest friend.


His father is Maharaj Vrsabhanu and His mother is the chaste Kirtida-devi. Srimati Radharani and Ananga-manjari are his two younger sisters.



Sudama's handsome complexion is somewhat fair. He is decorated with jeweled ornaments and wears blue garments.


His father's name is Matuka and His mother is Rocana-devi. He is very young and fond of playing many kinds of games.



Subala has a fair complexion. He wears handsome blue garments and he is decorated wtih many kinds of jewels and flowers.


He is twelve-and-a-half years old and He glows with youthful luster. Although he is Krsna's friend, he is immersed in serving Krsna in many different ways.


He is expert at arranging the meeting of the divine couple. He is charming and full of transcendental love for Them. He is cheerful and full of good qualities. He is very dear to Krsna.



Arjuna's glistening complexion is the color of a red lotus flower. His garments are the color of moonlight and He is decorated with many kinds of jewels.


His father is Sudaksina, his mother Bhadra-devi, and his elder brother Vasudama. He is always plunged in transcendental love for the divine couple.


He is fourteen-and-a half and full of the luster of youth. He wears a garland of forest flowers and many other kinds of flower-ornaments.



Handsome Gandharva has a complexion the color of moonlight. He wears red garments and many different ornaments.


He is twelve years old and full of youthful luster. He is decorated with many kinds of flowers.


His mother is the saintly Mitra-devi and his father the great soul Vinoka. He is very playful and very dear to Sri Krsna.



Vasanta has a splendid fair complexion. His garments glitter like the moon and he is decorated with various jewels.


He is eleven years old. He is decorated with many different flower garlands. His mother is the saintly Saradi-devi and his father is the great soul Pingala.



Ujjvala has a splendid reddish complexion. His garments are decorated with star patterns and he is decorated with pearls and flowers.


His father is named Sagara and his mother is the chaste Veni-devi. He is thirteen years old and full of youthfull luster.



Kokila is fair-complexioned and very handsome. He wears blue garments and is decorated with many kinds of jewels.


He is eleven years and four months of age. His father is named Puskara and his mother is the famous Medha-devi.



Handsome Sanandana has a fair complexion. He wears blue garments and is decorated with many different ornaments.


He is fourteen years old. He wears garlands of flowers. His father is Arunaksa and his mother is Mallika-devi.


Handsome Sanandana is very happy to have the friendship of Lord Krsna. He is like the splendid monarch of all transcendental mellows.


Vidagdha has a splendid complexion the color of a yellow campaka flower. He wears blue garments and a necklace of pearls.


He is fourteen years old and full of youthful luster. His father is named Matuka and his mother is Rocana-devi.


His elder brother is Sudama and his sister is Susila-devi. He is very dear to Sri Krsna. He is full of transcendental love for the divine couple.



Madhumangala has a slightly dark complexion. He wears yellow garments and a garlands of forest flowers.


His father is the saintly Sandipani Muni, his mother the chaste Sumukhi devi, his sister is Nandimukhi-devi and his parental grandmother is Paurnamasi-devi.


An expert comedian who always plays the buffoon, Sri Madhumangala is the constant companion of Lord Krsna.

66 - 67

Sri Balarama

Powerful Lord Balarama has a fair complexion the color of crystal. He wears blue garments and a garland of forest flowers.


His handsome hair is tied in a graceful topknot. Splendid earrings decorate His ears.


His neck is splendidly decorated with garlands of flowers and strings of jewels. His arms are splendidly decorated with bracelets and armlets.


His feet are decorated with splendid jeweled anklets. His father is Maharaja Vasudeva and His mother is Rohini-devi.


Nanda Maharaja is the friend of His father. Yasoda-devi is His mother, Sri Krsna His younger brother and Subhadra His sister.


He is sixteen years old and full of the luster of youth. He is Sri Krsna's dearest friend. He is a great reservoir of the nectar mellows of many kinds of transcendental pastimes.



Expert in music, drama, literature, the science of various kinds of scents and a host of ther arts, the vitas are very happy to serve Lord Krsna in many different ways.

74 - 75

Krsna's Servants

Bhangura, Brngara, Sandhika, Grahila, Raktaka, Patraka, Patri, Madhukantha, Madhuvrata, Salika, Talika, Mali, Mana and Maladhara are the most prominent of Lord Krsna's servants.


These servants carry Krsna's venu and murali flutes, buffalo-horn bugle, stick, rope and other paraphernalia. They also bring the mineral dyes (the cowherd boys use to decorate their bodies).

77 - 78

Betel-nut Servants Pallva, Mangala, Phulla, Komala, Kapila, Suvilasa, Vilasaksa, Rasala, Rasasali and Jambula are the most important of Lord Krsna's betel-nut servants. They are younger than Krsna and always expert at singing and playing musical instruments. They are younger than Krsna and always stay near Him.


Water Carriers

Payoda and Varida are the most important of the servants engaged in carrying water for Lord Krsna.

Clothing Washers

Saranga and Bakula are the most important of the servants engaged in expertly washing Lord Krsna's laundry.



Premakanda, Mahagandha, Sairindhra, Madhu, Kandala and Makaranda are the most important of the servants constantly engaged in decorating Lord Krsna with various ornaments and clothing.


Servants Who Provide Aromatic Substances

Sumanah, Kusumollasa, Puspahara, Hara and others expertly provide Krsna with various aromatic substances such as flowers, flower ornaments, flower garlands and camphor.


The Napitas

Svaccha, Susila, Praguna and others are engaged in various services, such as caring for the Lord's hair, massaging Him, giving Him a mirror and guarding over His treasury.


Vimala, Komala and others are engaged in various services, such as caring for the Lord's kitchen.



Dhanistha-devi, Candanakala-devi, Gunamala-devi, Ratiprabha-devi, Taruni-devi, Induprabha-devi, Sobha-devi and Rambha-devi are the leaders of the gopis engaged in Krsna's service. These gopis are expert at cleaning and decorating Krsna's home, anointing it with various aromatic substances, carrying milk and performing other duties.


Other Maidservants

Kurangi-devi, Bhrngari-devi, Sulamba-devi, Alambika-devi and other gopis also serve Krsna in these ways.



Catura, Carana, Dhiman and Pesala are the leaders of Krsna's expert spies, who travel in various disguises among the cowherd men and gopis.


Gopa Messengers Visarada, Tunga, Vavaduka, Manorama and Nitisara are the leaders of the gopa messengers. They carry Krsna's messages to the gopis to arrange for pastimes and also to settle quarrels.


Krsna's Gopi Messengers

Paurnamasi-devi, Vira-devi, Vrnda-devi, Vamsi-devi, Nandimukhi-devi, Vrndarika-devi, Mela-devi and Murali-devi are the leaders of Krsna's gopi messengers.


Among all these gopi messengers Vrnda-devi is the best. She is expert at arranging the meeting of Radha and Krsna and she is fully conversant with the geography of Vrndavana, knowing the best places for the divine couple's rendezvous.



Paurnamasi's complexion is like molten gold. She wears white garments and many jeweled ornaments.


Paurnamasi is very learned and famous. Her father is Suratadeva and her chaste mother is Candrakala. Her husband is Prabala.


Her brother is Devaprastha. She is like a perfect crest jewel decorating the land of Vraja. She is expert at making various arrangements for the meeting of Radha and Krsna.



Another gopi messenger is Vira-devi. She is very famous and is much respected in Vraja. She can speak very arrogantly and boldly and she can also speak sweet and flattering words, as Vrnda-devi does.


She has a dark complexion. She wears splendid white garments and various jewels and flower garlands.


Her husband is Kavala, her mother is the chaste Mohini-devi, her father Visala and her sister is Kavala-devi. She is very dear to Jatila-devi. She resides in the village of Javata


She is expert at making various arrangements for the meeting of Radha and Krsna.


Vrnda-devi Vrnda-devi has a beautiful complexion the color of molten gold. She wears blue garments and is decorated with pearls and flowers.


Her father is Candrabhanu and her mother is Phullara-devi. Her husband is Mahipala and her sister is Manjari-devi.


She always remains in Vrndavana, immersed in love for Radha and Krsna and yearning to both arrange for Their meeting and taste the nectar of assisting in Their transcendental pastimes.



Nandimukhi-devi has a fair complexion and wears exquisite garments. Her father is Sandipani Muni and her mother is the chaste Sumukhi-devi.


Her brother is Madhumangala and her paternal grandmother is Paurnamasi-devi. She wears various jeweled ornaments and she glows with youthful luster.


She is expert at various arts and crafts. Full of love for Radha and Krsna, she is expert at making various arrangements for Their rendezvous.


A General Description of Lord Krsna's Servants

Sobhana, Dipana and other provide lamps for the Lord and Sudhakara, Sudhanada, Sananda and others play the mrdanga for His satisfaction.


Vicitrarava and Madhurarava are the leaders of the talented an virtuous poets who compose prayers glorifying Sri Krsna, while Candrahasa, Induhasa and Candramukha are leaders of the servants who dance for the Lord's satisfaction.


Kalakantha, Sukantha, Sudhakantha, Bharata, Sarada, Vidyavilasa, Sarasa and others are learned in the arts of all kinds of literary composition. They carry their books and papers with them and they are fully aware of all the mellows fo devotional service.


Raucika is the tailor who sews clothes for the Lord. Sumukha, Durlabha, Ranjana and others wash the Lord's laundry.


Punyapunja and Bhagyarasi are the two sweepers who clean the area around Krsna's home.


Rangana and Tankana are goldsmiths who make ornaments for the Lord. Pavana and Karmatha are potters who make drinking vessels and jugs for churning butter.


Vardhaki and Vardhamana are carpenters who serve the Lord by building carts, couches and other objects. Sucitra nd Vicitra are talented artists who paint pictures for the Lord.